Microworkers.com provides a variety of small online jobs for workers all around the world. Each job can be completed within just a few minutes, typically 1-3 minutes. You can join MicroWorkers as a worker, an employer, or both!

What kind of jobs are available on Microworkers.com?

There are simple jobs and there are more complex jobs. The simpler jobs usually pay less, of course. Below is a list of a few of the jobs you will find on MicroWorkers, along with the average pay per job just to give you an idea.

Like on Facebook, post on wall, post comment, add app: ($0.10 - $0.30+)
Follow on Twitter, retweet a message, post a message: ($0.10 - $0.50+)
Sign up to a website: ($0.10 - $1.00+)
Write a short article: ($0.50 - $1.75+)
Download, install: ($0.25 - $0.35+)
Rate or Vote: ($0.10 - $0.20+)
Click Google +1 button: ($0.10+)
Write a review: ($0.15 - $2.00+)

And you can find many more jobs on MicroWorkers. The pay per job will always vary, as the employer has the option to choose how much they want to pay for the completion of their job. However, no job will pay less than 10 cents. If you have a blog or website (PR0 - PR5) you can earn between $0.40 - $10.00 per job related to your PR0 - PR5 blog or website.

Additional Information:

- Website has been around since: November, 2007
- Pays via PayPal, MoneyBookers, and DWolla.
- Minimum cashout is $9.
- No referral program at the moment.
- International, residents of any country can join.

Payment Proof: (click the image to enlarge)

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