Tips: Earn Cash & Avoid Scams

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!

Any website or online program that promises you will make a large amount of money (such as six-figures) easily or in a short period of time is most likely a scam. These are referred to as "Get Rich Quick" schemes. Do not trust them and do not pay them any sort of starting costs or fees. There are no legitimate websites or programs online that you can "get rich quick" from. If there were, everyone would quit their jobs and get rich online!

Also, any website or online program that claims you can make money without doing anything and often say things like "there is no work required" is most likely a scam. Why would someone pay you a bunch of money for you to do nothing? It's absolutely ridiculous, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who actually fall for these kind of things.

Do Your Research Before Wasting Your Time!

Nine times out of ten if the website is a scam others will have posted about it on forums and other websites all over the internet. So, do a Google Search for the website with the words "SCAM" or "Legit or Scam?" to see what others are saying about the website.

For example: " SCAM" or " legit or scam?"

A lot of times, you will find mixed opinions and claims. This is when you need to do more than a simple Google Search.

Use MyWOT To See A Websites Rating And Reputation!

MyWOT - (My Web Of Trust) is a great website to look up the rating and reputation of any website. You can even read comments from those who have had a personal experience with the particular website that you are looking up. This is great for finding out whether or not an online earning opportunity is a scam.

Join Several Money Making Websites!

It's common sense really. If you join several money making websites and participate in each one regularly, you are going to earn more than if you only stick to one. A good idea is to start out with only one or two websites until you get used to earning money online. Then, join  more online earning opportunities to increase your earning potential.