Slicethepie is a website that helps unsigned artists get their music out there and allows music fans to discover great new music, as well as earn some extra cash. You, as a “scout”, will get paid to rate and review new songs. This is really cool, because you get to influence what gets played on the radio!

Your basic payment per review is based on your ranking. Your rank is a measure of the quality of the reviews that you have submitted. You can earn more by submitting lengthy reviews in well-written English. The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment you will get! Also, you should leave detailed, varied, and constructive comments to help artists improve their tracks in your reviews.

Additional Information:

- Website has been around since: June, 2007.
- Pays via PayPal.
- Minimum cashout is $10.
- Referral program: 1 level, unlimited referrals.
- USA and Europe Only. 

Payment Proof: (click the image to enlarge)

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